EASY Handling Ltd. offers the full range of ground handling services tailored to the individual customer needs. Flexibility and fast implementation is the key to our volatile and costly business and we are well set to fulfill the individual airline's changing requirements. You can count on us being a strong and reliable Ground Handling partner.

Passenger Services
  • Check-in Services
  • Gate Services
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Ticketing Services
  • Lost & Found services
  • Passenger care and airline support during irregularities
  • Pre-Flight preparation
  • Flight administration (sales reporting)
Passenger & Crew Services
  • Passenger & Crew Transfer
  • Passenger & Crew Hotel Accommodation
  • Catering arrangements
Airport Services
  • Communication between Airlines, Airport Authorities and Airport partners
  • Coordination of staff
  • Load Planning & Load Control
  • Flight Preparation
  • Ramp - Flight Deck Communication
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Water & Toilet Services
  • Crew Transport
  • Baggage sorting
  • Baggage transportation
  • ULD control
  • Crew baggage handling
Warehouse together with our partner Georgian Post
  • State-of-the-art tractors capable of pulling up to 30 tonnes
  • Several forklifts with advanced three-phase electric motors
  • Three-shift operation model to ensure smooth and secure round-the-clock service
  • CCTV monitoring covering all handling areas
Cargo Services
  • Full air cargo handling including export acceptance, ULD buildup/breakdown, airside transportation, import delivery and document handling
  • Handling of express consignments, valuable goods, semi-valuables, dangerous goods, perishables, temperature-sensitive cargo, live animals and other consignments with special requirements
  • Customer-specific services in line with the individual airline requirements
  • Customs document handling in accordance with each country/authority’s specific regulations
Cargo Handling (import and export services)
  • Communication between Airlines, Airport Authorities and Airport partners
  • Goods acceptance and control (including truck loading/unloading)
  • Shipment consolidations
  • Temporary consignment storage
  • ULD assembly
  • Labelling
  • Ready-for-carriage preparation
  • Handover to airline handling agents
  • Transfer to the bonded storage

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